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Custodian of Records

The Callaway County Clerk’s office is the official Custodian of Records.  Our goal is to preserve and archive records, and minimize the loss of irreplaceable records.  One day these records can be part of an information resource center for vital regional historical records. If at any time you would like to visit our office to search through the historical files, please feel free to come.

Sunshine Law

Callaway County’s commitment to openness in government is clear.  It is the public policy of Callaway County that meetings, records, votes, actions, and deliberations of public government are to be opened to the public unless otherwise provided by the law. The law sets out the specific instances when a meeting, record or vote may be closed, while stressing these exceptions are to be strictly interpreted to promote the public policy of openness. The Sunshine Law does not require that the request be submitted in writing, although it may be helpful for the requestor to do so.

When a request is received, we must allow access as quickly as possible, but no later than the end of the third business day.  If access to a public record is not granted immediately, the responders office must explain why the record cannot be produced without delay and give the place and time the record will be made available.  There may be times when, for example, a request is made for an old record that is stored in a different location or will take time to research, locate, or reproduce.  In such instances, when reasonable cause for delay is explained, the period for producing the record may exceed three business days.

The responding office will notify the requestor of the cost before filling the sunshine request.  Research time may be charged at the actual cost incurred to locate the requested records.  Copying time shall not exceed the average hourly rate of pay for clerical staff of the public body.

You may Sunshine request through any office holder for information related to their care.

Sunshine Request Form