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Office Staff

County Clerk

As County Clerk, I am responsible for several county administrative functions and public services. I am the chief election official for the county and its political subdivisions and responsible for conducting all public elections. I have the duty of keeping an accurate record of the orders, rules, and proceedings of the County Commission. The position of the County Clerk is accountable under Missouri Statute to issue warrants for payment of accounts payable for the county. I am the liaison between the County Assessor, who determines the value of your personal and real property, and the Collector of Revenue, who sends out the tax bills.¬† The County Clerk also works with the political subdivisions and the State Auditor’s Office to assist the subdivisions in setting levy rates that meet their financial need but do not exceed the maximum rate voted on by the citizens.

Chief Deputy Clerk 

Jordan McDow is responsible for administrative duties, election management, ordering supplies, coordinating poll workers and election participants, creating poll worker training sessions, monthly and quarterly reports, and other duties as assigned.

Deputy Clerk

Dawn Dirks is responsible for accounts payable, record keeping, completing monthly and quarterly reports, interacting with multiple offices on a daily basis, processing notary public commissions, auctioneer licenses, liquor licenses, some election-related duties, customer service-related activities, and other duties as assigned.

Voter Registration Clerk

Kathy Nichols handles the day-to-day operations of voter registration and reports related to it, canvassing, absentee and nursing home voting in elections, and other duties as assigned during the election season.