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Personnel Policy Manual

Personnel Policy Manual

The Personnel Policy Manual is a reference both for the County Commission of Callaway County and employees of Callaway County government.  It is, in addition, a reference for the other officers of the County whose offices represent the basic functions of governance in the County.

Of necessity such a manual cannot be entirely specific for that defeats its long range usefulness.  This personnel administration manual has been designed to focus on general policies with a viewpoint toward making its text useful for many years to come.  This makes it incumbent on the County’s leadership to provide direction based on good and sound business practice.

As the County’s Commission, we are pleased to have had the opportunity to establish these policies for the benefit of both the government of Callaway County and for its employees.  This handbook, containing personnel policies and practices as well as benefit descriptions, is intended to serve as a guideline for all employees.  It is not intended to serve as an employment contract or to change the employment at will concept as applied to County employees.  This manual and the policies and practices in it are subject to change by the County at any time.  It is recommended that employees who need to know the specific provisions of any benefit that is available to County employees should contact the Human Resources Department to review the benefit contract or the state law under which the benefit is controlled.

We take pride in the development of this manual and encourage its careful study.

Respectfully submitted,
The Callaway County Commissioners

Download the Personnel Policy Here