April 6, 2021 General Municipal Election
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Final results will be certified no later than Tuesday, April 20. 

Final Official Results – Election Summary Report

Detailed Summary Report – Unofficial
Election Summary Report – Final Unofficial
Fulton Ward 4 & Calwood
New Bloomfield & Dixie
Holts Summit Ward 1 & 2
Holts Summit Rural
Portland, Readsville, & Williamsburg
Hams Prairie & Mokane
Carrington & Guthrie
Millersburg & Stephens
Fulton Ward 3
Election Summary Report – 7:35
East West Fulton

Fulton Ward 1 & 2
Central Poll

The Saturday prior to each election, we will publish a sample ballot and polling locations in the Fulton Sun and/or Jefferson City News Tribune.  If you would like a sample ballot, please call our office.

Zero Report


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