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Family Policy

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Callaway County Clerk, regarding infants in the workplace, to promote and strengthen families while simultaneously providing friendly and professional service to the community.  The bond developed between an infant and their parent in the first six months of life is crucial for the health and well being of both the infant and parent.  Permitting infants in the workplace strengthens families by providing the opportunity for early parent-child bonding, decreasing stress on the family, increasing the opportunity for breastfeeding, and increasing financial stability.  Permitting infants in the workplace further improves service to the community by allowing employees to return to work sooner, increasing employee retention, improving office morale and productivity, and decreasing employee absences. 

Therefore, the Callaway County Clerk’s Office shall encourage and promote the ability of parents to bring their infants to work. 

Denise Hubbard

Callaway County Clerk