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Assessment & Payment of Taxes

The following is a brief guide as to how to have your real estate and personal property assessed and how to pay your taxes.

Assessor’s Office

The Assessor assesses your property taxes, based on fair market value and industry standards.  For questions about your assessment please contact the Callaway County Assessor at (573)642-0766.

Real Estate

Real estate is re-assessed generally every two years by appraisers in the Assessors’s Office.  Property owners are notified via mail of changes in assessment.  If you have a question regarding your real estate assessment, please contact the Assesor’s Real Estate Division.  The Assessor’s Real Estate Division is located at the Callaway County Courthouse, 10 East 5th Street in Fulton.

Personal Property

Personal Property is assessed annually on what is owned as of January 1st.  Assessment lists are mailed out to properly registered property owners in January.  Those lists are due completed and returned to the Assessor’s Office by March 1st.  Therefore, it is important to register with the Assessor once you move to the county to keep your address current with them throughout the year, and to submit these lists on time each year as well.  Penalties may be incurred for failure to report by this date.

For personal property acquired after January 1st, or for corrections that need to be made to your assessment list, you will need to first report to the Assessor’s Personal Property Division in order to file for a waiver (statement of no taxes due) or to obtain a court order (to correct or update your assessment).

County Clerk’s Office

The County Clerk processes court orders to correct assessment errors or to add property that may not yet have been assessed.  To obtain such a court order in order to receive a new tax statement from the County Clerk for payment, you will need to contact the Assessor first.  Real estate court orders are processed by the County Clerk within 30 days of receipt, and personal property court orders are generally processed the same day as receipt.

Collector of Revenue’s Office

The Collector of Revenue is responsible for collection of tax payments.

Duplicate Copies and Waivers

For duplicate Copies of Tax Statements and Receipts and Waivers report to the Collector of Revenue’s Office in the Callaway County Courthouse, 10 East 5th Street in Fulton.


For tax payments once you have the correct statement in-hand, report to the  Collector of Revenue’s Office, 10 East 5th Street in Fulton.