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Voter’s Checklist

• Confirm you are registered to vote at least five (5) weeks before election day.
• Update your registration if your address or name has changed.
• Know your polling place and how to get there.
• Have an acceptable form of identification available.
• Plan to vote absentee if you are unable to vote at your polling place on election day.
• Consider becoming a poll worker in your community.
You can find all of this and more at

In addition!

• Become acquainted with the candidates and issues on the ballot.

For this, we get a lot of requests for information about candidates and issues on the ballot. We are not able to provide a voting guide so our suggestion is to start with social media. Today, many candidates link their website to a Facebook page which is a great starting point for you to learn more information about specific candidates. We also encourage people to visit their local political party groups on Facebook (again, it’s a great place to start or continue your search). Last but not least, the issues that are up for vote can many times be found in the same way. For any statewide issue, you can find more information the Secretary of State’s website at

Good luck in your search!