Minutes for Thursday, January 21, 2016
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kieindienst, and Western District Commissioner Donald Kritzer present.

Dietician Position & Other Health Department Issues


The Callaway County Commission met with Sharon Lynch, County Health Department Administrator, to discuss a dietician position and other Health Department issues. Denise Hubbard, County Clerk, was also present for this meeting.

Mrs. Lynch began by informing the Commission that she received only a couple applications for the open dietician position. One applicant was unavailable until June. The other applicant is interested in taking the position and an interview has been scheduled with that person for the end of this month, Mrs. Lynch stated that the County could also hire Nutrition Analysts, LLC to fill the position two days a week; however. Mrs. Lynch said she prefers to have a full-time dietician on her staff.

Next, Mrs. Lynch stated that the Health Department’s WIC numbers are down, which may lead to the State reassessing Callaway County’s contract at a lower amount. She also mentioned that the Health Department will be hosting a Baby Fair in the spring. The Health Department will charge vendors $10 for a booth in order to raise money for prizes.

Lastly, the group briefly discussed a proposed legislative bill in which counties take over health inspections for all hotels within their jurisdictions. This bill could prove to be an issue if it is not funded, as counties will have an increase in duties without an Increase in revenue. Mrs. Lynch stated that she will continue to monitor this proposed bill.


Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Friday. January 22, 2016.

Gary Jungermann Donald Kritzer Randy Kleindienst
Presiding Commissioner Associate Commissioner Associate Commissioner


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