Minutes for Thursday, January 14, 2016
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann. Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst and Western District Commissioner Donald Kritzer present.

911 Recorder & Other Issues


The Callaway County Commission met with Michelle Kidwell. County Emergency Management Director, to discuss a 913 recorder and other issues. Denise Hubbard. County Clerk, was also present for this meeting.

Ms. Kidwell stated that the current recorder at the taunt Communications Center has been in service for seven or eight years, which is about the lifecycle of this type of equipment. She has researched several different replacement options and has participated in demonstrations and webinars for various models after flinch research. Ms. Kidwell has Found a recorder from Nelson that ha ”sore features than the current recorder, the price of the Nelson model is $17, 830

After some discussion, the Commission decided to advertise for quotes before accepting the

quote from Nelson the deadline for quotes will set for next Friday, January 22, 2016

Next, Ms. Kidwell stated that she would like the Commission to think about starting a text-to ­911 service. Because Callaway County has a large deaf community, she feels this service could be beneficial. Ms. Kidwell said she will contact other 911 centers that currently use the text to 911 service to find out more about it.

Finally, Ms. Kidwell stated that she has been looking into the features and prices of a NetClock, which synchronizes the time on all equipment. She said she is still in the process of researching NetClocks and will meet with the Commission again to discuss this matter once she has more information,

Extension Meeting


Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann attended an Extension meeting at the University of Missouri Extension in Fulton, Missouri.

Vendor Checks Issued

Vendor checks were issued in the amount of $96,112.95.


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