November 6, 2018 Election Results
This is my site Posted November 5, 2018 – 5:30 pm

We have 100% of precincts reporting. This places our unofficial voter turnout at 67.87%!*All precincts have been reported.  We have been in contact with our programmer and will continue to update in the morning.  We understand that the Election Summary Report (Final) shows that not all precincts have been completed, but they are. You may compare with the statement of votes cast to see that each precinct has reported in and is complete.

StatementOfVotesCast-final (UNOFFICIAL)

ElectionSummaryReport-final (UNOFFICIAL)



9:10 p.m. We are still working to bring the results to you for all unlisted precincts.  Thank you for your patience.

StatementOfVotesCast at 831

ElectionSummaryReport at 831



ElectionSummaryReport at 752

ElectionSummaryReport  at 737

ElectionSummaryReport- Zero Report @4:00pm


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