Minutes for Thursday, August 3, 2017
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9:00 am The Callaway County Commission will meet with representatives from the 13th Judicial Court to discuss the 2018 budget.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

 The Callaway County Commission met with the Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst and Western District Commissioner Roger Fischer present. Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann was absent.

 2018 Circuit Court Budget


The Callaway County Commission met with Karen Rentschler, Callaway County Auditor; Judy Groner, Callaway County Circuit Clerk; Mary Epping, 13th Judicial Circuit Court Administrator; and Cindy Garrett, 13th Judicial Circuit Court Assistant Administrator, to discuss the 2018 Circuit Court budget. Deborah Goldman was also present for this meeting to represent the County Clerk’s office.

First, Mrs. Epping presented the group with a copy of the proposed budget for the Circuit Court. She then briefly explained that the Court is seeing an increase in jury days, criminal filings, and felony cases. She stated that the Circuit is expecting $7.8 million in funding from the State of Missouri; $3.3 million in funding from Boone County General Revenue; $750,000 in grant funding; and funding from other sources such as various Court funds and Callaway County General Revenue. Mrs. Epping also briefly mentioned that the Circuit has seen drug court grant funding reduced and the funding for the Juvenile Victims Advocate grant position; this position now will end in September due to grant funding cuts.

Ms. Garrett then went over the Juvenile Office budget, the Circuit Court budget, and the Jury budget. Ms. Groner then went over the Circuit Clerk budget. Finally, Mrs. Epping went over the Administration of Justice Fund, the Drug Court Fund, the Family Services & Justice Fund, and the Law Library Fund. The group discussed these individual budgets at length.

Western District Commissioner Roger Fischer made a motion to approve the 2018 Circuit Court budget as presented.

Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst seconded the motion.

All in favor… ayes have it.




Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Friday, August 4, 2017.

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