Minutes for Thursday, July 13, 2017
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1:30 pm The Callaway County Commission will host a Quarterly Budget Review meeting with elected officials and department supervisors in the Jury Assembly Room of the Callaway County Courthouse.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, and Western District Commissioner Roger Fischer present.

LEPC Meeting


Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann attended a LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) meeting at the Callaway County Emergency Operations Center.

Quarterly Budget Review Meeting


The Callaway County Commission hosted a Quarterly Budget Review meeting with County elected officials and departmental supervisors in the Jury Assembly Room of the Callaway County Courthouse. Those in attendance include Karen Rentschler, County Auditor; Sharon Lynch, County Health Department Administrator; Donnie Horstman, County Buildings & Grounds Supervisor; Robbie Harrison, County Jail Administrator; Karen Digh Allen, County Public Administrator; Darryl Maylee, County Chief Deputy Sheriff; Michelle Kidwell, County Emergency Management Director; Amber Gann, County 911 Director; Judy Groner, Circuit Clerk; Clay Chism, County Sheriff; Mikey Salisbury, County Chief Deputy Assessor; Wes Bond, County IT Director; Debbie Zerr, County Treasurer; Pam Oestreich, County Collector; Paul Winkelmann, County Road & Bridge Engineer; Deborah Goldman, County Deputy County Clerk; Christine Kleindienst, County Recorder of Deeds; and Leah Laramore, County Human Resources Director.

Mrs. Rentschler began by stating that overall, the County’s budget looks okay; although, there are specific line items in certain departments that are being closely watched. She also informed the group that in late August/early September she will be handing out 2018 budget worksheets to department heads. Lastly, Mrs. Rentschler briefly discussed the County’s credit card and purchase order procedures.

Mrs. Oestreich then told the group that there are currently around $867,000 in delinquent taxes, although the Collector’s office has collected around $752,000 since March 1, 2017. She also mentioned that her office is working on the Land Sale that will be held in August. The Land Sale will include 175 properties. Next, Ms. Salisbury updated the group about the Assessor’s office. She said that approximately 10,000 reassessment impact notices were mailed out in recent months; her office has been busy dealing with County residents who have questions about these impact notices. Ms. Salisbury explained that 60% of residents received the impact notices this year and the remaining 40% will receive the notices next year.

Next, Mrs. Digh Allen reported that her office has reduced her client-load from about 160 people to 147. She stated that only about 20% of these clients are originally from Callaway County; the majority of the remaining clients have been appointed to her by the State of Missouri. Mrs. Digh Allen also informed the group of recent legislation that will affect her office.

Mr. Winkelmann then stated that the 2017 chip seal project has recently been completed; thirteen miles of road within the County have been chip sealed this year. He also said that his department is currently working on mowing, patching, and trying to conserve its rock budget. Mr. Horstman and Ms. Groner both briefly mentioned that their departments’ budgets are doing well so far this year. Mr. Harrison then reported that he is currently down two Corrections Officers in the Jail. The Jail has recently switched to 12-hour shifts, which the employees seem to like. Mr. Harrison also reported that the Jail is still under construction and will be under manual lock and key until later this summer. Sheriff Chism added that the Jail is getting a new security system, which is the reason for the construction in the facility. He also added that the Sheriff’s Office is staying busy; the department has received over 9,000 calls so far this year. Sheriff Chism says he believes that the influx in calls is a result of more problems coming to our area from Jefferson City and Columbia. Finally, he mentioned that the Sheriff’s Office will also be transitioning to 12-hour shifts later this year on a trial basis.

Next, Mr. Bond informed the group that he has been working on disaster recovery and establishing a domain. He reported that these projects did not cost as much as was budgeted. Mr. Bond also discussed the various projects he is planning to implement at the Callaway County Law Enforcement Center. Mrs. Kleindienst then reported that recordings in her office are up from last year; however, marriage certificates are down from last year. Mrs. Lynch then informed the group that the Health Department has received a $20,000 grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health. The Health Department has also recently hired a new receptionist and is now accepting applications for a 3/5 Public Health Nurse.

Mrs. Goldman then gave an update on the County Clerk’s office. She stated that the office is currently organizing Board of Equalization (BOE) appointments and getting ready for the August election in the North Callaway district. Mrs. Laramore then reported that the payroll conversion that was implemented in April is now complete and is going well. She also informed the group of the employee barbecue that is being planned for the August eclipse.

Commissioner Jungermann reported to the group that the use tax that was passed last year is generating revenue for the County. In June, alone, Callaway County received around $40,000. The revenue generated from the use tax is dedicated to public safety. In June, it was decided to use some of those funds to increase salaries at the Sheriff’s Office, Jail, and EOC in order to retain and recruit employees. The new pay raises will hopefully allow Callaway County to remain competitive with similar employers in the area. Commissioner Kleindienst then informed the group that the Commission will soon be meeting with the County’s health insurance broker. One of the topics that will be discussed at that meeting is Air Evac program options for employees. Commissioner Kleindienst stated that employees will be given more information if this program is deemed feasible. He also discussed with the group the need to figure out a new way to get the outgoing mail to the Post Office every day. Commissioner Kleindienst has been taking the mail to the Post Office nearly every day for over four years; he believes other offices should help with this task. The group then discussed the options of each office taking turns with delivering the mail and each office taking their own mail every day. Commissioner Kleindienst stated that a plan should be determined before August 15t.

Lastly, Commissioner Jungermann reminded Ms. Groner that 2017 is a salary commission year, which, by statute, needs to be hosted by the Circuit Clerk. Ms. Groner will schedule the salary commission meeting later this year.


Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Friday, July 14, 2017.

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