Minutes for Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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9:00am The Callaway County Commission will meet to discuss a tax refund issue and a health ordinance.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, and Western District Commissioner Roger Fischer present.


Business of a general nature was conducted on this day.


Proposed Health Ordinance



The Callaway County Commission met to discuss a proposed health ordinance. Denise Hubbard was present representing the County Clerk’s office.


Western District Commissioner Fischer has set up this formal meeting to propose a health ordinance to the other two Commissioner’s. He has worked with many people, mostly in the Western District, and a science guy in the medical field and compiled an ordinance. He has received some opposition from farmers in the County who have CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations).


CAFO’s are currently regulated by DNR (Department of Natural Resources) but Western District Commissioner Fischer thinks there is still risk for disease. Cattle farmers would only be affected by the ordinance if they have 1,000 head of cattle or 2,500 hogs. He does not want to ban CAFO’s in the Western District but create setbacks from residences, public venues, and regulate application of the waste. He would like records kept by the Health Department on the farms affected. This will only affect new CAFO’s, those already in existence won’t be affected.


Western District Commissioner Fischer would like to apply the health ordinance to six townships in the Western District; West Fulton, Cedar, Summit, Guthrie, Round Prairie, and Bourbon. He doesn’t feel there is a reason to subject residents in these densely populated areas to potential diseases that can result from CAFO’s. He wants his proposed ordinance to be reviewed by the County legal counsel, he has already had a St. Louis attorney review and ok it.


Presiding Commissioner Jungermann understands Western District Commissioner Fischer’s reasoning, but he is concerned about only regulating a certain part of the County. He wants the County legal counsel to review proposed ordinance and ensure the Health Department is capable of enforcing ordinance before it’s approved.


Eastern District Commissioner Kleindienst said the Commission has agreed to accept applications for a health ordinance committee and only six applications have been received. He doesn’t see the point of a committee if an ordinance has already been drafted. He has many issues with the ordinance because he is a private property rights advocate. Once rights are taken away they are gone. He is going to review the proposed ordinance before saying more. The University of Missouri didn’t seem concerned about health risks and property values when they were visiting with the Commission. Western District Commissioner Fischer said that the University gets grant funding from corporations that promote these type of operations.


Eastern District Commissioner Kleindienst said he appreciates Western District Commissioner Fischer’s commitment, but he doesn’t agree. Western District Commissioner Fischer said that Randy Kleindienst is Eastern District and he is Western District and his Western District constituents are counting on him. Eastern District Commissioner Kleindienst said all of Callaway County residents are counting on the Commission to do the right thing and he doesn’t want to restrict industry in Callaway County.


Presiding Commissioner Jungermann wishes there was more input from citizens on this issue. He will get with the Health Department to ensure enforcement is possible and have legal counsel review proposed ordinance and reconvene at a later date.


Western District Commissioner Fischer would like to reconvene in 15 days.

Presiding Commissioner Jungermann wants to have the Health Department and legal counsel present when/if a decision is made.


Meeting adjourned.




Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Thursday, March 30, 2017.

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