Minutes for Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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10:00am The Callaway County Commission will meet to approve the 2017 Budget.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, and Western District Commissioner Roger Fischer present.

Business of a general nature was conducted on this day.

Reconvene 2017 Budget Hearing

The Callaway County Commission met to approve the 2017 budget. Those in attendance were Christine Kleindienst, County Recorder; Denise Hubbard, County Clerk; Karen Rentschler, County Auditor; Karen Allen, County Public Administrator; and Doc Kritzer.

Western District Commissioner Fischer started the meeting with some questions for the County Clerk. He asked her “Can you explain the U.S. Cellular bill for your office?”, “Can you explain the reimbursement for Kathie Ratliff for computer usage and Microsoft office?”, “Why do you need $900 for QuickBooks, that seems very high?”, “Why do you need a website in addition to the website the County has?”

Mrs. Hubbard responded “the phone bill is for cell phones for elections, they don’t cost anything unless they are used. The reimbursement is because Kathie used her personal computer for election trainings. QuickBooks is an estimated amount, she’s not sure how much it will cost. She needs access to update her website regularly.”
Eastern District Commissioner Kleindienst added that Mrs. Hubbard entered into a contract for the phones even though she is not allowed to enter into any contract on behalf of the County. Western District Commissioner Fischer said “he would like to have the IT Director see if he can integrate the Clerk’s website into the County website.
Eastern District Commissioner Kleindienst would like to change the Clerk’s budget to have the same amount of money as last year’s budget by adding $263 to the equipment and furniture line of her budget.

Eastern District Commissioner Kleindienst made a motion to approve the 2017 budget as offered except for one amendment to the Clerk’s Office to add $263 to her equipment and furniture line item to reflect an overall budget for the Clerk’s Office of $141,270, which is the same budget as 2016.

Western District Commissioner Fischer seconded the motion.

AO in favor… ayes have it. Court Order # 2 signed.

Court Order # 2 Approve 2017 Budget

Now on this day, the Callaway County Commission does hereby accept the 2017 budget as appropriated.

Meeting with Superintendents

Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann attended a meeting with the Superintendents at the Superintendent’s Office in Fulton, MO.

Callaway Chamber Banquet

The Callaway County Commission attended the annual Chamber Banquet at 54 Country in Fulton, MO.


Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

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