Minutes for Thursday, November 10, 2016
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

 The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, and Western District Commissioner Donald Kritzer present.

Business of a general nature was conducted on this day.

 Quarterly Budget Review Meeting


The Callaway County Commission hosted a Quarterly Budget Review meeting in Courtroom B of the Callaway County Courthouse. Those in attendance were Karen Rentschler, County Auditor; Donnie Horstman, County Buildings & Grounds Supervisor; Christine Kleindienst, County Recorder; Robbie Harrison, County Jail Administrator; Paul Winkelmann, County Road & Bridge Engineer; Pam Oestreich, County Collector; Jody Paschal, County Assessor; Kent Wood, County Environmental Public Health; Chris Wilson, Prosecuting Attorney; Karen Digh-Allen, County Public Administrator; Sharon Lynch; County Health Department Superivsor; Dennis Crane, County Sheriff; Daryl Maylee; and Leah Laramore, County Human Resources Director. Those not in attendance were Denise Hubbard, County Clerk; Deborah Zerr, County Treasurer; Michelle Kidwell, County EOC Director; Judy Groner, County Circuit Clerk; and Wes Bond, County IT Director. Deborah Goldman was also present for this meeting to represent the County Clerk’s office.

Commissioner Jungermann began by asking the group if they knew of any changes that will occur to their departments when the county changes to a class 2 county. Mr. Wilson said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney’s will have to be sworn in. Mrs. Rentschler said there is more reporting that has to be put in the paper. Mr. Paschal said he gets more money for his ssessor’s Fund. The county has to provide space for a County Surveyor. There is no one on the ballot and the Clerk’s Office is still counting write-in’s.

Mrs. Rentschler stated she will be looking at budget line items after November reports have been printed to see where everyone is in their budget. She reminded everyone to let her know of any big purchases that need to be paid in 2016 so she can make sure there is enough money under the correct budget line items. Budget money can be moved around within funds in November and December. She is currently working on the 2017 budget with the Commissioners. Mrs. Rentschler also informed everyone that her office is in the process of moving to the basement, next to the Commissioner’s Office.


Commissioner Jungermann stated the reason for moving the Auditor’s Office to the basement is so Sara Schlueter, Deputy Auditor, can start working for the Commission as well. This allows the county to eliminate having to hire a new employee and give a bit of a raise to a current employee. He also mentioned that the 2017 budget will not be approved until January because of the new Commissioner coming in. Department heads will have an idea of salaries/budgets but they will not be official until approved.


Mrs. Laramore spoke on behalf of Deborah Zerr and Judy Groner. Ms. Groner would like to thank the Commission for her new paint and carpet. Mrs. Zerr would like to mention she sent off to claim 16 asserts presumed abandoned by several departments of Callaway County from 1997 to 2009. These claims total $1925.45 and will be dispersed into the appropriate funds. Departments indicated on the claims are Recorder, Payroll, Commission, Sheriff, Clerk, and Prosecutor.

Commissioner Jungermann gave an update on use tax money collected. July use tax money collected was .29 cents, August use tax money collected was about $9,000.00, and September use tax money collected was about $21,000.00. This money is used for Public Safety. The 2016 money was used to purchase Sheriff’s new cars. He also thanked Commissioner Kritzer and Mr. Crane for their service to the county.

Mrs. Laramore spoke about the proposed change to take employees on monthly payroll to biweekly payroll. The group had lengthy discussion about this potential change. Deb Goldman spoke on behalf of Denise Hubbard. Mrs. Hubbard wants everyone to know the election was very successful. Mrs. Allen reminded everyone that her staff is having an appreciation day on Sunday from 2-4 at REA. Mr. Paschal had nothing new to report. Mrs. Kleindienst stated that recordings and marriage licenses are up from last year. Mrs. Lynch stated that revenues are up from last year. Mr. Wood estimates there will be 200 permits by the end of the year.

Mr. Winkelmann informed the group that Road and Bridge has got a lot done since the rain stopped mid-September. They have been hauling cinders the last couple of weeks and the shed is about full. Mr. Horstman stated that his overall budget looks fine. Mr. Harrison said his department is good. Mr. Crane and Mr. Maylee also said their department is good. The budget looks ok for the year, but they have lost 4 people this year. Mrs. Oestreich informed everyone that the total tax collection for this year should be a little over 40 million. General revenue gets 1.7 million and Road and Bridge gets 1.3 million of that.

Commissioner Kritzer stated that he has had an enjoyable 12 years with the County and he appreciates everyone’s cooperation. Mr. Wilson informed everyone that the courthouse security committee plans to get security at the front door up and running. They will make a recommendation to the commission about who should have to go through the machine. Commissioner Jungermann added that everyone who comes in and out the front door of the courthouse will have to go through the machine.

 Meeting with Representatives and Senators


Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann and Western District Commissioner Donald Kritzer attended a meeting with representatives and senators to discuss local issues at the State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri.

 Central Bank Reception


Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann and Western District Commissioner Donald Kritzer attended a reception at Central Bank in Jefferson City, Missouri.


Vendor Checks Issued


Vendor checks were issued in the amount of $69,516.67.




Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Monday, November 14, 2016. The Callaway County Courthouse will be closed Friday, November 11, 2016 in observance of Veteran’s Day.

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