Minutes for Monday, July 18, 2016
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Monday, July 18, 2016


The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, and Western District Commissioner Donald Kritzer present.


Quarterly Budget Review Meeting



The Callaway County Commission hosted a Quarterly Budget Review meeting in Courtoom B of the Callaway County Courthouse.  Those in attendance were Karen Rentschler, County Auditor; Debbie Zerr, County Treasurer; Donnie Horstman, County Buildings & Grounds Supervisor; Christine Kleindienst, County Recorder; Robbie Harrison, County Jail Administrator; Paul Winkelmann, County Road & Bridge Engineer; Pam Oestreich, County Collector; Jody Paschal, County Assessor; Judy Groner, Circuit Clerk; Kent Wood, County Environmental Public Health; Wes Bond, County IT Director; Chris Wilson, Prosecuting Attorney; Karen Digh-Allen, County Public Administrator; and Leah Laramore, County Human Resources Director.  Deborah Goldman was also present for this meeting to represent the County Clerk’s office.


Commissioner Jungermann began by informing the group that sales tax for the quarter is down by about $100,000.  Also, the State is behind on paying Callaway County for prisoner per diem in the amount of approximately $60,000.  Next, Mrs. Rentschler stated that she has given each department head a year-to-date expense report for their departments.  She encouraged anyone with questions about the report to get in touch with her.  Mrs. Rentschler also mentioned that she will hand out budget worksheets next month and would like the completed worksheets returned to her in September.  She reminded those in attendance that invoices need to be signed before they are turned in to Accounts Payable; the outside auditors have stressed the importance of signatures on invoices.. The group was also informed that the Auditor is working with Central Bank on purchase cards to replace the current credit cards that are in place.  Mrs. Rentschler stated that she would be in contact with individuals regarding this change in credit cards at a later date.


Commissioner Jungermann then reminded those in attendance that purchase orders need to be acquired for larger purchases when possible.  Purchase orders allow the Auditor to be informed of a major purchase before it occurs.  Mrs. Rentschler then told the group that the 2015 audit went well and that she is currently going through the draft of the audit.  She also mentioned that the financial software conversion that was implement at the first of the year went okay.  Finally, Mrs. Rentschler reminded the group that new furniture and equipment need to be tagged and listed in the County inventory with the Auditor.


Next, Mrs. Laramore informed the group that she has been attending various trainings over the past few months to prepare for her new role as HR Director.  She also mentioned that a new overtime law has been approved by the federal government that will go into place on December 1.  She stated that the new law will not affect many employees; only a few of the currently exempt employees will become non-exempt when the law changes.  Mrs. Laramore then reminded those in attendance to encourage their employees to use their comp time when possible and to turn in timesheets for part-time employees in a timely manner.


Mr. Bond then told the group that the AS 400 software will be upgraded soon.  Also, the County has requested RFPs for a new PSAP system and phone system for the Emergency Operations Center.  He then mentioned that he is working on moving each department away from AT&T phone services to another vendor because the bills have significantly increased with AT&T.  Next, Mrs. Kleindienst stated that her office is up by 23 marriage licenses this quarter.  She stated that she believes that the increase is due to having a judge that is willing to marry couples in the Courthouse.  The Recorder’s office is also up by 248 documents this quarter.  Commissioner Jungermann then informed the group that the County is expecting to spend a lot of money in the next six to twelve months at the Law Enforcement Center; upcoming projects include a new security system for the Jail and a new PSAP system for the 911 Center.


Ms. Groner then said that she and Mr. Harrison worked together to get the County over $120,000 from the State for Suspended Execution of Sentence charges.  She stated that she recently learned that Counties could bill the State for these charges and decided to pursue it.  Next, Mr. Horstman briefly mentioned that department heads should get with him soon and let him know their wish lists for 2017 maintenance projects.  Mr. Winkelmann informed the group that chip seal projects within the County will begin in a couple weeks.  He also said that the Road & Bridge budget is where it should be at this time.  This year, Callaway County participated in the Department of Conservation’s CART program, which allowed the County to be reimbursed for about $50,000 worth of rock for gravel roads that lead to conservation areas.


Mr. Wood then stated that the Health Department’s Emergency Preparedness grant has been cut by $2,500 this year.  He stated that he expects WIC funds to be cut next year.  So far this year the County has approved approximately 100 sewer permits, most of which are for new construction.  Next, Ms. Digh-Allen stated that her office is currently working on tracking the criminal records of her clients, along with a County origin report so that clients can be moved back to their home Counties with the help of the Department of Mental Health.  DMH has petition to transfer three clients back to St. Louis recently, which Ms. Digh-Allen stated was a great accomplishment for her office.


Mrs. Oestreich then informed the group that her office is preparing for the Land Tax Sale next month; she and one of her employees will be posting notices next week for properties that will be included in the sale.  She said that there is about $719,000 in delinquent tax bills right now.  Next, Mr. Paschal stated that his office has started reassessments for 2017.  He also mentioned that there were only two BOE (Board of Equalization) hearings this year.  Mr. Wilson stated that his office is extremely busy currently.  Also, one of his Assistant Prosecutors will be retiring in September.  Mrs. Goldman stated that the Clerk’s office has become a central polling place for individuals who are elderly and/or disabled.  She informed the group that the Clerk’s office could be very busy with next month’s election.


Finally, Commissioner Jungermann reminded the group that Callaway County will return to a Class II on January 1, 2017.  He asked the department heads to look into how this could affect their individual offices.  He also informed those in attendance that the County has been awarded a historical grant to paint and renovate the Courthouse’s exterior windows.  This project will likely start this fall.




Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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