Minutes for Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, and Western District Commissioner Donald Kritzer present.


County Health Department Fees Filed


Now on this day comes Sharon Lynch, County Health Department Administrator, and files her reports of fees collected by her department for the months of May and June, 2016. Said reports were examined and ordered filed by the Clerk of the Commission.


The Mission Continues Program



The Callaway County Commission met with Tad Dobbins, CMCA, and Bret Robertson, The Mission Continues, to discuss The Mission Continues program. Deborah Goldman was also present for this meeting to represent the County Clerk’s office.


Mr. Robinson explained that The Mission Continues program allows veterans that are returning from active duty the opportunity to get involved with their communities to help bring about support for veterans. He stated that when he returned from active duty he was unsure of what to do next. After getting involved with The Mission Continues in July, Mr. Robinson found some direction through the program and now hopes to help other veterans to do the same.


The Mission Continues, along with CMCA, is looking for ways that communities can help veterans by finding resources and benefits available to them. Mr. Dobbins mentioned that one issue they are focusing on now is putting a program together for families with returning service members. Commissioner Kritzer stated that a mentor program might be beneficial for returning veterans; it would provide them with insight from a veteran who has experienced a similar situation. After some discussion, the Commission referred the visitors to the local VFW and to the regional Workforce Investment Board to spread the word about the program.




Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Thursday, August 25, 2016.


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