Minutes for Monday, June 6, 2016
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1:00pm The Callaway County Commission will meet with Denise Hubbard, County Clerk, to discuss a dress code issue.  This meeting may possibly be a closed session per RSMO 610.021.3.


Monday, June 6, 2016


The Callaway County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, and Western District Commissioner Donald

Kritzer present.


Dress Code Issue



The Callaway County Commission met with Denise Hubbard, County Clerk, to discuss a dress code issue. Deborah Goldman was also present for this meeting.


Commissioner Jungermann began by explaining that last Friday, a candidate complained about County employees wearing campaign shirts while on duty. This issue actually took place in April with two employees working at the Callaway County Emergency Operations Center who wore campaign shirts during one shift. Michelle Kidwell, County Emergency Management Director, was informed of the issue when it occurred and addressed the issue the very next day. Ms. Kidwell immediately implemented a new policy for her department that mandates uniforms for employees on duty and prohibits the employees from mentioning their place of employment while at campaign events.


Mrs. Hubbard added that the candidate also complained about pictures found on an employee’s personal Facebook page that showed employees at the Emergency Operations Center wearing campaign shirts. Commissioner Jungermann stated that Ms. Kidwell asked that employee to remove the picture from the social media site and that he believes the picture has been removed; however, he stated that he will double check that the picture has been taken down.

The Commission believes that Ms. Kidwell has done a great job by immediately addressing this issue and they are satisfied with the outcome. The issue was addressed before this complaint was filed with the County Clerk.




Ordered that the Commission adjourn until Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

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